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Discussion article about the accessibility and applicability of the use of analogues of medicines in the treatment of various diseases. Comparison of prices of original and generic drugs according to the RusAnalogi.Ru service. Moral choice of a doctor or why cheap is not always good.

Prices and analogues of medicines

Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences recognized Homeopathy as pseudoscience. Better late than never. The price of the issue for patients.

Joint inspection by Roszdravnadzor and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the legal turnover of drugs for medical abortion - Mifepristone and misoprostol. Why now and where is the logic in these actions?

As the Ministry of Health was going to fight counterfeit medicines on the Russian market with the help of the registry. The price of the medicine or fake, which is more important for the buyer.

Article about the ways of buying Sofosbuvira, Daklatasvira and other drugs for the treatment of viral hepatitis C (HCV) in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. List of sellers and terms of sale. The difference between the original and generic drugs Sofosbuvira. Advantages and disadvantages.

Why did the drug Bioparox disappear from the shelves of Russian pharmacies and do they have analogues. We understand the prohibitions and revocation of licenses for the right to sell and use this medication in Russia, Europe and other countries of the world.

The latest news about the problems that arose in the patients of the clinic of the Research Institute of Eye Diseases named after. Helmholtz after injections of Avastin. Competent authorities are investigating cases of vision loss and deterioration in the patients of this clinic who received the medication.

What threatens to cut the budget of medicines for HIV patients (AIDS) in Russia. Will not the result of spending the budget as a result of more than you can save on such a step. About the consequences of short-sighted policy in an article on the site.

The article examines the reasons for the disappearance of Adelphan and other cheap medicines from the sale. What led to the emergence of this problem, how can you return the favorite medicines from the lowest price segment.

A problem article about the market of counterfeit and counterfeit dietary supplements and drugs for the treatment of impotence in men. As in Russia they lost sight of this market and ruined the lives and health of thousands of our men with Chinese counterfeits. Reasonable skepticism and ways out of the situation.

Fake dietary supplements to increase potency in Russia or how to poison our men by fakes from China