About the site

About the site

I welcome all visitors to the Drug Directory.

New descriptions, analogues and reviews of medicines of various groups and classes registered on the territory of the Russian Federation are collected and constantly added to the site.

The site is conveniently structured according to the alphabetical list of medicines and nosology (diseases). At any time, you can use the search, which will find the necessary information in the directory.

A big request is to participate more actively in the work of the site, since the project is non-commercial and is created for the same visitors. Therefore, your feedback will be very useful for another guest who wants to find the information that interests him. In addition, the feedback of the visitors to the Directory seriously motivates me to continue working on the site and striving to make it the best. And in medicine, I really know and I know what people want from pharmacological sites - profile medical education and experience in the polyclinic as a district doctor-therapist, allow me to hope for this.

The project is not for profit and is not for sale!