Botox - instructions for use, analogs, testimonials and release forms (injections in the form of lyophilizate) anti-wrinkle and cramps of the lips, forehead and other parts of the face. Pros and cons of drug administration in adults, as well as in pregnancy

Botox - instructions for use, analogs, testimonials and release forms (injections in the form of lyophilizate) anti-wrinkle and cramps of the lips, forehead and other parts of the face. Pros and cons of drug administration in adults, as well as in pregnancy

In this article, you can read the instructions for using the drug Botox. Presented are reviews of visitors to the site - consumers of this medication, as well as opinions of doctors of specialists on the use of Botox in their practice. A big request is to actively add their feedback on the drug: the medicine helped or did not help get rid of the disease, which were observed complications and side effects, possibly not declared by the manufacturer in the annotation. Botox analogs in the presence of existing structural analogues. Use to treat wrinkles and spasms of the lips, forehead and other parts of the face in adults, as well as during pregnancy.


Botox - muscle relaxant.The botulinum toxin type A molecule consists of two chains: heavy (with a molecular weight of 100,000 Daltons) and light (with a molecular weight of 50,000 Daltons) connected by a disulfide bond.


The heavy chain has a high affinity for specific receptors localized on the surface of target neurons. The light chain is characterized by Zn2 + -dependent protease activity. It is specific for the cytoplasmic regions of the synaptosomal-linked protein with a molecular weight of 25,000 Daltons (SNAP-25), which takes part in exocytosis processes.


The first stage of the action of botulinum toxin type A is the specific binding of the molecule to the presynaptic membrane.


The second stage is the penetration of the bound toxin into the cytoplasm of neurons by endocytosis. Inside the cell, the light chain exhibits Zn2 + -dependent protease activity, selectively destroying SNAP-25, which in the third stage results in blockade of the release of acetylcholine from the presynaptic endings of the cholinergic neurons.


The end result is a prolonged chemodenervation.


Clinically, there is marked relaxation of the muscles in which the injection was made.In denervated muscles, the process of reinnervation occurs due to the formation of lateral processes of nerve endings 12 weeks after the injection, which leads to the restoration of muscle contractions. However, the shoots are partially effective and subsequently regress, while the primary neuromuscular transmission is activated. This requires a repetition of the correction procedure after a while and may be one of the drawbacks of using the drug.




The pharmacological effect of Botox develops at the injection site. It is proved that presynaptic seizure and retrograde axonal transport of the drug from the injection site is insignificant.


In therapeutic doses, Botox does not penetrate the BBB.


Antibodies to botulinum toxin type A can be formed after repeated injections in 1-5% of cases. The production of antibodies contributes to the administration of large doses of the drug, as well as repeated administration in small doses at short intervals (less than 14 days). When forming antibodies to botulinum toxin type A, the effect of its further use can be reduced.



  • blepharospasm;
  • hemifacial spasm;
  • cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis);
  • focal spasticity of the wrist and hand in patients who had a stroke;
  • paralytic strabismus (strabismus);
  • local muscular spasm in children's cerebral palsy in children aged 2 years and older;
  • Correction of facial wrinkles.


Forms of release


Lyophilizate for the preparation of a solution for intramuscular injection of 100 units in a vial (flacon).


Instructions for use and ways of using the drug


The drug is administered intramuscularly. It is prepared by dissolving the powder of lyophilizate in ampoules, as it goes on sale. Has a number of restrictions when applying what will be reported further. The procedures are performed by a doctor who has a special permit from the manufacturer, since they require high qualification and should not be produced in artisanal conditions.


Side effects

  • microhematomas (up to 7 days);
  • pain at the injection site (up to 1 day);
  • slight general weakness within 1 week (arise when the drug is used in doses exceeding the maximum allowable - more than 250 units);
  • ptosis (omission) of the eyelids,
  • the descent of the interbrow region, the lateral sections of the eyebrows
  • disruption of accommodation
  • asymmetry of the corners of the mouth
  • violation of articulation, numbness of the lips.


As a rule, these side effects do not require additional therapy and regress within 1 month after the injection.


Complications after the injection are extremely rare and may occur if the needle is injured nerves or vessels in the case of unskilled procedure. Complications in the form of anaphylaxis are not described, nevertheless, during the injection, it is necessary to have means for urgent relief of anaphylactic reactions.




Are common:

  • proven hypersensitivity to any component of the drug;
  • inflammatory process at the site of the proposed injection (injection);
  • acute phase of infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.


For blepharospasm and correction of facial muscles:

  • pronounced gravitational ptosis of facial tissues;
  • expressed "hernia" in the upper and lower eyelids.


Drug Interactions


The effect of Botox is enhanced by the simultaneous use of antibiotics of the group of aminoglycosides, erythromycin, tetracycline, lincomycin, polymyxins; drugs that reduce neuromuscular transmission (including curare-like muscle relaxants).


Application in pregnancy and lactation


Botox is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.


Impact on the ability to drive vehicles and manage mechanisms


Botox can lead to asthenia, muscle weakness, dizziness and visual disturbances. If such symptoms develop, there may be a danger in driving or working with moving machinery.


Botox analogues


Structural analogs for the active substance:

  • Dysport
  • Xeomin
  • Lantox
  • Relatox

Similar medicines:

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Reviews (9):
Well, if the first persons of the Russian state are pumping themselves in the face, then what to say about ordinary mortals :)
Better natural face and healthy skin than flabby after using Botox. One time you will podkoleshsya, then you will sit on it for the rest of your life and walk with the face of a plasticine doll.
US Food and Drug Administrationapproved the injection of Botox into the muscles of the bladder as a means of relaxing them, and thus this technique can be used as an agent for the treatment of bladder hyperactivity, if other treatment was found to be ineffective or insufficiently effective.
Personally, I did not resort to Botox, Thank God. I'm still young and I do not need it. But, who knows, maybe in about twenty years and I'll think about wrinkle control procedures. Although, probably, by that time will come up with something new, more effective and safe, which would not make the face a frozen mask.
What are the prices for Botox and where can I do it, so that it is not so costly, for example, pensioners?
MarinaIf you are about Botox injections for cosmetic purposes, you need to ask cosmeticians and at prices I do not orient you. You will not do such injections on your own. And as for any cosmetology I doubt that retirees had any discounts on this procedure, various advertising moves, when prices are overstated,and then give a discount, I do not take into account.

With the medical purpose, it is also necessary to appoint a doctor and the procedure is done in a hospital. Independently or at home such treatment is not carried out.
The cosmetician has made to me relatoks on May, 21st! I want to tell you that I was scratching places from the injections, it took three days! Although before doing botox, and dysport! Fulfilled all instructions for the appointment of a doctor. Not only that, I namuchalas with scabies and went with a bruise, so the drug did not come at all! In vain the money spent! It's good that the beautician saw it and gave up money without talking! So, that the drug is not studied, there is nothing to stab it!
Galina, Domestic does not mean that it's good. Relatox is our drug, but Botox is imported.
And I'm very suspicious of these things. Figs knows how to go all can ...

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